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Panditji in Patna

Your Trusted Provider of Wedding Panditji in Patna for Auspicious Ceremonies

When it comes to organizing a wedding or any auspicious ceremony in Patna, finding a reliable and experienced wedding pandit or panditji is of utmost importance. Venue360 is your trusted partner in providing knowledgeable and proficient panditji in Patna, ensuring the smooth conduct of your religious rituals and ceremonies.

At Venue360, we understand the significance of having a qualified and well-versed panditji to officiate the sacred rituals during weddings and pujas. Our team consists of experienced panditji in Patna who possess deep knowledge of Vedic scriptures, traditions, and customs, allowing them to guide you through the rituals with authenticity and reverence. Our wedding panditji in Patna covers a wide range of ceremonies, including weddings, engagement ceremonies, sangeet, haldi, mehndi, and more. Whether you prefer a traditional Hindu wedding or have specific customs and rituals to be followed, our panditjis will ensure that each ritual is performed accurately, maintaining the sanctity of the occasion. Additionally, if you are planning a puja or religious ceremony in Patna, Venue360 can provide knowledgeable panditji in Patna who specializes in conducting various pujas. From Ganesh Puja and Navagraha Puja to Satyanarayan Katha and Durga Puja, our pandit ji have expertise in performing a wide array of religious rituals to invoke blessings and bring positive energy to your event. At Venue360, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a seamless and spiritually enriching experience for our clients. Our panditjis not only conduct the ceremonies but also offer explanations and insights into the significance of each ritual, allowing you and your loved ones to understand and participate wholeheartedly. When you choose Venue360 for your wedding pandit or panditji in Patna, you can be confident that you will be guided by experienced professionals who prioritize the authenticity and solemnity of the ceremonies. We strive to create a sacred atmosphere, where traditions are honored and cherished, leaving you with beautiful memories of your special day. So, if you are in need of a trusted wedding pandit or panditji in Patna for your puja, trust Venue360 to provide knowledgeable and experienced professionals who will make your ceremonies truly meaningful. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us assist you in organizing a memorable and spiritually uplifting event.




  • वाहन पूजा – ₹1500


  • धनतेरस कुबेर पूजा – ₹2000
  • नामकरण संस्कार – ₹2000


  • भूमि पूजन – ₹3000
  • गीता पाठ – ₹3000


  • Laxmi – ₹3500
  • मूल शांति – ₹3500
  • मुंडन संस्कार – ₹3500
  • राम कथा – ₹3500
  • सुंदर कांड पाठ – ₹3500


  • गणेश चतुर्थी – ₹4000
  • गांपति पूजा – ₹4000
  • कृष्ण पूजा – ₹4000
  • नव ग्रह शांति – ₹4000
  • पितृ दोष निवारण – ₹4000
  • Garun pudan – ₹4000
  • काल सर्प शांति – ₹4000


  • जैन विवाह – ₹4500
  • शिव पूरान – ₹4500


  • मंगल शांति – ₹5000
  • रुद्र पूजा – ₹5000


  • Durga saptashi पाठ (HOME) – ₹5500
  • Sani dosh nivaran – ₹5500
  • वास्तु शान्ति पूजा – ₹5500
  • माता की चौकी (3 hours) – ₹5500


  • ऊपनयन शंसकार – ₹6000
  • कर्ज मुक्‍ती – ₹6000


  • विवाह संस्कार हिंदू – ₹7500
  • रुद्र पूजा – ₹5000
  • तेरहवीं शांति पूजा – ₹7500


  • गृह प्रवेश – ₹9500


  • श्री मद भगवत कथा – ₹15000
  • धन लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति पूजा – ₹15000


  • माता का जागरण – ₹21000


  • नवरात्री पाठ (3 पंडित) – ₹25000 + (₹15000)


  • शनामकरण संस्कार – ₹2500
  • दिवाली लक्ष्मी पूजा – ₹2500
  • Engagement – ₹2500
  • Vishwkarma pooja – ₹2500
  • सरस्वती पूजा – ₹2500
  • गौरी पूजा – ₹2500


  • रुद्रा अभिषेक – ₹6000

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→Booking policy

  1. 50% of the selected package price to be paid at the time of booking and rest amount to be paid three days prior of the event Other wise your booking will not be counted confirmed.
  2. Full Payment Will be done, Incase of booking vendor before three days of event.

→Cancellation policy

  1. The booking is non-cancellable & The payment is not refundable in case of cancellation of booking at any period of time after the booking.
  2. In case of postponed, the price may vary according to the availability. Postponed will only done once.

→Terms & Conditions

  1. No additional charges are applicable for transportation with in the city.
  2. Service taken over and above the provided package will be changes additionally.
  3. Payment to be done either through company’s portal or directly to company’s current account . Company will not take any responsibility for otherwise

NOTE-: Kindly check availability before booking